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Heavy Duty Aluminium Dog Bed with 1680D Ripstop

  • Chewproof – Our aluminium-made Mega Mat has no points of weakness for dogs to latch their

teeth onto, making it a true chewproof bed. Great for heavy chewers.

  • Lifetime warranty – Free one-time replacement bed if your dog manages to damage it!
  • Features an internal pouch for adding an optional heating pad. Great for arthritis and cold

weather! (Heating pad not included)

  • 1680 denier ripstop fabric – Both the top and bottom of the bed sport a layer of 1680D ripstop

fabric, allowing either side to be used. Double layered for extra durability. Anti-dust, anti-mold,
and water resistant.

  • Patent-pending two-layer aluminium frame design – by utilizing two separate aluminium frames, the

tension of the bed can be freely adjusted.

Chewproof Mega Mat

  • Your dog deserves the most comfortable and durable bed, and we seek to satisfy. Our Niiyoh Mega Mat’s bed covers are made from super strong 1680 denier ripstop fabric, which greatly enhances its durability, and grants them high resistance to any chewers. Ripstop technology prevents any tears from getting worse in the event of a breach. We can safely say that the Mega Mat is truly chewproof, thanks to our patented two-layer aluminium design. The corners of the bed covers are secured and covered by our aluminium frame, which safely protects any possible entry points from wandering mouths. The aluminium frame itself is also extremely tough, and is too large for most dogs to fit their mouth over; any dog would have a hard time trying to chew through it! With the Mega Mat, we’ve eliminated all possible weak points for any curious jaws to latch onto it, which reinforces the chewproof status. Our patented design also allows for the tension of the bed to be freely adjusted, thanks to the patented two-layer bed frame design.

    We also keep the owners in mind as well! The bed covers are anti-dust, anti-mold, anti-odor, and water resistance. They’re also machine washable for easy maintenance.

  • Our lifetime warranty also has owners in mind. If your dog manages to damage the 1680D ripstop fabric at any point in time, just contact us as Provide your proof of purchase and a photo of the damaged fabric. We will send you a one-time replacement cover, on us! (while supplies last)

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